AUTEURENT A001 Slim Washed Black Denim

AUTEURENT A001 Slim Washed Black Denim


- Signature 3 button waist closure
- Removed back pocket detailing
- RiRi zippers
- Made from 98% cotton, 2% elastane
- Constructed in China
- Finished and detailed in Australia

“The A001 is designed for those who want to look elegant yet have comfort and practicability in mind. With a hint of stretch to the jeans you can spend the whole day and night in perfect comfort and flexibility, just how we want to live our lives.”

AUTEURENT is a Melbourne-based design house that was founded by Isaiah Wittingslow in 2017. With a clear vision of his own story he writes short narratives that form the collections he presents. With a focus on the male form he develops and crafts timeless garments and accessories with meticulous attention to detail as he believes that coherent, elegant and quality design will last a lifetime.


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