032c 'A Museum for James Baldwin' Issue #35

032c 'A Museum for James Baldwin' Issue #35


“In 032c Issue #35, we publish a 25-page dossier that celebrates the material world of American writer James Baldwin (1924-1987), an exile and a prophet whose commitment to love, justice, and fearlessness serves as a guide to our discordant present. Cover star Kiko Mizuhara embraces transhumanist pleasures on the streets of Tokyo. Petra Collins photographs newly canonized rap pope Gucci Mane at an altar of art and flowers in Miami. New work by artist Seth Price zooms in on consumer culture, merchandise, and textile production. Hans Ulrich Obrist and Virgil Abloh ask superstar painter Marlene Dumas  how she says “yes”. We look through the keyhole to Francis Bacon’s past life as a modernist interior designer, and Chengdu photographer and propagandist Feng Li takes photos in Shanghai. Adriano Sack pulls at the threads of streetwear to show us the deep-running influence of the acid-tinged fashions of 1990s Clubwear. Finally, we review our favorite books of the season, and get to the root of all things with Peggy Gou, Wiz Khalifa, Edouard Louis, Harley Weir, Dis, Eugene Whang, Will Welch and Yoon Ahn.” - 032c

Featuring spreads on:
- Gucci Mane
- Kiko Mizuhara
- Feng Li
- Yoon Ahn
- Wiz Khalifa
- James Baldwin
- Peggy Gou


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