New Era: A Look At The Next Generation Of Fashion Designers

The fashion industry is notoriously difficult to break in to. It seems the same designers continue to dominate decade after decade, through their own private labels or helming fashion’s largest houses.

We share some insight into a new generation of designers that have emerged turning heads and garnering international recognition for their impacts on the world of fashion 🧥


Made In Melbourne: Isaiah Wittingslow Of AUTEURENT

In our latest interview we talk with Isaiah Wittingslow, the Creative Director and founder of AUTEURENT, a luxury menswear label based out of Melbourne.

Isaiah gives us insight in the world of producing garments, we also find out why certain luxury brands cost so much, the state of consumption and fashion today and how art integrates seamlessly with fashion.


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An Insight Into The Art Of Recycling & Value Based Consumption

Some brands and items retain more value than others, so how can you as a consumer take advantage of that? The idea that buying something today could be worth more or the same in the future is a useful notion to take into making a purchasing decision 📈

In this story, Leland Sutton explains to us how buying consumer goods with post-purchase value could be better for you, how to apply a recycling process when purchasing and how that could benefit you and your life long term.


Auckland’s Very Own: Jordan Gibson Of Checks Downtown

Colour and texture are the two words that come to mind when describing Auckland’s Checks Downtown, and its owner and creator, Jordan Gibson.

In just over a year, Checks has exploded onto the forefront of New Zealand’s apparel industry and is punching well above its weight alongside established giants of the industry. We sat down with Jordan to pick his brain about all things fashion and Checks.


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The History Of Air Jordan: From The Courts To The Streets

The definitive guide into Air Jordan and how it morphed sneaker culture from a performance basis. We also touch on the cultural impact of the brand throughout time.

Also we slide in a recap of the most iconic Jordan shapes and colours of all time.


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