What The Fuck is JJJJound?

Justin Saunders aka JJJJound in his studio.

Justin Saunders aka JJJJound in his studio.

Justin Saunders aka JJJJound is a Montreal based creative who revolutionized the idea of an " internet mood board." Starting in a pre-Tumblr 2008, Saunders launched his website JJJJound.com which featured an array of minimal photography that has become common practice on any modern Tumblr or Instagram page.

Before the whole idea of Instagram curator became an actual job position, Saunders was working on undisclosed projects for DONDA & Kanye West. Growing with the creative new guards Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston, Matthew Williams, and Benjamin Edgar - Saunders created a name for himself while mostly being behind the scenes. Basically, Justin Saunders is the OG when it comes to the internet aesthetic. Way before you were reblogging hot girls, greenery, and vintage cars, JJJJound was pulling images from the depths of the internet before they were widely accessible. With the rapid evolution of social media, everyone is a "creative director" now, so those who don’t know, JJJJound could seem like it lacks individuality, but in reality, it is the originator of the copies.

Saunders was an Art Director on various DONDA projects including album art covers for Kanye West, Pusha T and Vic Mensa.

In recent years, JJJJound has turned his digital influence into tangible products. JJJJound has become well known for its minimal line of branded products. Some of the more popular items include the coffee mug, the socks, and now the mini hoop with branded basketballs. At the height of product collaborations, Saunders came out with three colourways of exclusive JJJJound x Vans back in May 2017, which were simplistic but well put together. Influencers like Emily Oberg and Luka Sabbat made the green coluourway one of the most resellable Vans of 2017, especially since the in-store release was a Canada exclusive and the web shop only released limited quantities. 

So if you want to start you “creative director” position on the right foot, you should definitely start by adding a JJJJound mug filled with sharpies on your desk so the world knows you have a elevated taste level. Be sure to scroll through some of our favourite JJJJound products below.

- Written by Jackson Ray of Fashion Moves Forward.

Photos: Sourced