What Is An Are.na?


Quietly in the depths of the Internet Are.na is becoming a very curated & somehow minimalist archive of information. It is hard not to disregard yet another emerging platform for you to interact with and constantly tend to, Are.na however brings something plainly and beautifully different.

Self stated as a visual organisation tool Are.na focuses on decluttering your information & making it easier for you to gain and share knowledge. The stripped back interface that would make any Dieter fan swoon is what is so refreshing about it all. Users can follow and collaborate on channels of information that enables you to collect any type of content whether it be text, image, video, URL or GIF in a private, closed or open source format.

In the past months they’ve released an app exclusive to iOS making it easier to upload information wherever you are. As well as launching an opportunity to invest in the online platform to join its growth.

Are.na is an entirely free service but can be purchased at a premium subscription to enable a bunch of added features for the more serious users.

Written by Aitken Hawkins.