Peel By Milieu Encapsulates Modern City Living


Milieu Property are a Melbourne based property development company taking an intelligent approach to urban development by creating a mix between residential needs and the routine of contemporary life. Informed by their surroundings Milieu focus on designing around areas versus an area for design.

Peel By Milieu is an apartment building to which sees them flex their creative muscles. Located in Melbourne’s vibrant suburb of Collingwood, Peel By Milieu includes 36 one, two and three bedroom residential apartments, complete with a café and restaurant included on the ground and mezzanine levels. Boutique in scale, Peel employs a contemporary approach to living that delivers timeless elegance. Melbourne architects, DKO have created a strong, unique aesthetic that both complements and contributes to the urban fabric.

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A strong focus has been put on the use of living spaces and how residents interact with them. Collingwood’s DesignOffice were co-signed to take care of the interior design and created a clean, simple interior with signature touches of bespoke design. With a strong eye on detail and use of human environment the end result is truly a space of beauty.

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