Our Take On Avengers Infinity War, A Spoiler Free Review


So here we have it, the biggest movie of the 21st Century that has been weighed on a franchise of over 10 years, let's not get into chit chat and dive right into our spoiler free review.

Firstly all of your favourite characters you've come to love over the past decade return including the Guardians of The Galaxy, and new comers Black Panther, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange to take on Thanos, a relentless alien villain who now could be considered the best villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the sheer amount of characters there are the chemistry that holds them all together is something Marvel has done so well over time, even when they are new faces to each other such as The Guardians and Thor you can rely on the writing and acting.

Expect some classic jokes in reference to previous movies in the universe as well as new staple one-liners coming from all the cast. Everyone gets love and screen time but the main crux of this film is split into sub-plots which then are split into further sub-plots, while there are no issues with pacing it can feel a bit overboard. It's overwhelmingly a rollercoaster of epic proportions with battles and sequences we could only ever dream of as kids, you thought Black Panther broke records? It'll be crazy to think what Infinity War will do.  

In terms of the storyline it revolves around Thanos and his motives as to why he wants to unleash havoc on the universe, basically wanting to commit "necessary" genocide. To do this he needs the "Infinity Stones" to which there are six of - Time, Mind, Soul, Reality, Power & Space that are scattered across the Galaxy and have been teased and built up throughout the MCU. This leads to our heroes trying to protect the stones (on Earth and afar) from reaching Thanos' hand, literally as he sets the stones into his gold gauntlet fist. There are definitely twists and turns within the film that will shock some viewers and of course moments where you have to grip your chair in sheer excitement and awesomeness. 

The best piece of advice would be to turn your ears on as the dialogue is really important and sets the ideas of further Marvel films as well as the cliffhanger ending (we all knew it would be coming). We hope you enjoy the film as much as we did!

Rating: 9/10

Photo: Gamespot