Matt Nash's 'Antique Roadshow' Collection Is Just As Good As The TV Series


Matt Nash is a small independent clothing brand focussing on workwear and utilitarian goods. Based up in Whangarei, Matt Nash puts an emphasis on well made clothing built to stand the test of time in their workshop. The latest collection 'Antiques Roadshow' has taken its inspiration from the heavily popular British TV Series.

Think floral half linings, patched stripes, checks and an incorporation of vintage fabrics that reference and re-create the dandyism of the AR British experts and presenters. Things that your grandma would still fancy today with a side of tea and a scone. Workwear pieces are core to the Matt Nash aesthetic as they continue to evolve each season but always remaining true to the brand ethos.

This season features three signature prints:
- Chippendale Chair by Artist Ryder C Jones: A collaboration with celebrated furniture artist RCJ.
- Crash Nash Urn: Inspired by 15th Century delftware pottery.  Pottery always has a story to tell. This urn tells the story of Neville Nash rolling his rally car in the Waitangi forest in New Zealand in the 1970’s.
- Flat-Pack Print: This puffit print lists iconic furniture periods from information gained by watching countless hours of Antiques roadshow on Youtube.

The collection is now available online on the Matt Nash webstore.

Photos: Supplied