Katie Paterson Sheds Light On The Situation In West Bengal Through Her Publication


Auckland based graphic designer and photographer Katie Paterson recently travelled to West Begal, India and saw first hand the reality of the sex trafficking industry. Upon research she found that the organisation Freeset are giving these ladies a chance to escape this vicious and inhumane cycle. Since her return Katie utilised her skill set and designed a publication to showcase everyday life in West Bengal. Through her incredible imagery the book highlights the colours, architechture, and the people of the land.

"It was incredibly heartbreaking to see girls of my age, women with children, or young girls who have either been forced into this industry, or are trying to help their family survive. In Dhulian, the main two options for a women's career is to either roll bidis (cigarettes) or to be a sex worker. They may never find things that they excel in, or find out if they would make an amazing architect, lawyer, or physiotherapist."

Katie published 100 books for sale at $30 NZD with all of the proceeds going to Freeset. To purchase you can e-mail Katie here, or visit Bread and Butter Letter or Holm Coffee.