GEMS Is The New Subscription Service To All Your Clout


Let's face it fashion keeps on getting more expensive. In today’s world, streetwear brands are mocked by consumers for charging exorbitant prices, far more akin to storied luxury house giants such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci to small-scale skate brands like early Supreme. Year by year we are bombarded by increased retail pricing, and this doesn’t even account for the surging resale market for sought-after items. Long gone are the days of wider accessibility and a sense of validation from consumers. Enter: GEMS, a new, improved way to shop for high-end and limited-edition garments driven by a mission to deliver value to consumers.

Put simply, GEMS is an exclusive subscription-based service which provides irresistible prices on your favourite brands, with all the conveniences of shopping online. With discounts of up to 70% year-round on the best seasonal offerings from Saint Laurent to Off-White and everything in between, you won’t have to suffer the excruciating wait for sale season ever again, only to find that your favoured item or size is already sold out. GEMS is a service built by consumers, for consumers, and the generous pricing structure reflects this. Designed to empower consumer shopping habits, subscriptions start from just $10AUD a month, with incremental increases in associated privileges with each progression in tier.


To illustrate, if you were a Bronze subscriber interested in purchasing a stone washed hoodie from Saint Laurent Paris, you will save $660 shopping with GEMS on the very same item that traditional retail stores price around $1225. Effectively, you have only paid $10, in order to save hundreds in excess of your subscription fee.

To celebrate the launch, GEMS are running an Off White x Nike Presto giveaway in the highly sought-after white colourway. For entry details, and more information on GEMS visit for a detailed breakdown.

Photos: Supplied