A Process Of Transparency With Commoners


The ethical issues surrounding fashion are becoming more and more important with companies being called into question regarding their practices and approach. On a recent trip to their production factory in China, Auckland based brand Commoners have brought down the walls on their supply chain and production process, being more transparent with their customers.

Commoners began in 2010 with the goal to make quality and well design clothing attainable. Pushing forward a minimalistic approach to garments they focus on fabric, colour and cut to build basics for your wardrobe as well as functional seasonal pieces that are uncomplicated. Designed by a small in-house team in Auckland, the brand manufactures their product off shore in China with finished garments sent from their Auckland office to stores all across the world. Soon they hope to ship using only biodegradable, compostable, potato-starch packaging.

With a new mission statement carefully worded for the sign of the times, the brand is dedicating more effort in smarter design processes around manufacturing and delivery. While they have always opted for environmentally-preferred and natural materials they are exploring new technologies in fabrication, packaging and recycling processes.

"Existing in an industry widely recognised as a key contributor to environmental degradation, we recognise our role in this system and our duty of care in creating a better one. Each day we are making smarter decisions in the way we design, manufacture and deliver our product to you, blending modern designs with thoughtful production to meet today’s wardrobe needs and tomorrow’s environmental challenges. This process is ongoing, and while we have always placed environmentally-preferred, natural materials at the forefront of our range, we are purposefully exploring new technologies in fabrication, packaging and recycling processes so we can keep doing better." - Commoners

To further back the comments above Commoners have showcased their factories in China, bringing more insight into their production process off shore:

"Commoners garments are the product of the long-established relationships between our design team, based in Auckland, and offshore productions partners, based in Zhong Shan, China. Working with three specialist factories, we produce our collections in small unit runs, and we visit regularly to ensure our shared standards for quality, craftsmanship and care (for people and planet) are aligned."

Do you think more brands should come out like this and be more open with customers?

Photos: Commoners