HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue #26 'The Rhythms Issue' Is Available Now


HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue #26 is available now.

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The cover of the latest HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue features exclusive artwork by Los Angeles-based artist Matt McCormick, which brings a tactile feel due to a grit effect over the charcoal drawing. The cowboy is an unofficial symbol of the human desire to reconnect with nature; manifesting in the obsessions with succulents and nature documentaries – the urge to slow down and to discover how we’d fare on our own without being hurried along by any external forces. The Rhythms Issue shows what may happen when we are siphoning every second of our time into serving a purpose.

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"Ours is a world where we can never go fast enough: rifle with generalised anxiety and burnout plaguing an overworked, over connected population. When else in history were we able to learn a new language, answer an email, make dinner plans and walk a friend through an emotional crisis within the same 5 minutes?" - HYPEBEAST




Inside it follows the stories of different talents and explore their personal stories and adventures, to discover how they find their own pace to generate unique rhythms. Featured talents include renowned artist Felipe Pantone, rapper Buddy, artist Kosuke Kawamura, founder of Fucking Awesome Jason Dill, Lagos skate crew and label WAFFLESNCREAM, Prada’s longtime partnership with architecture group OMA, Femi Adeyemi from NTS Radio and many more.

HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 24: The Rhythms Issue is now available on Newspread Store.


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