Newspread Merchandise: Minerva Editorial


Newspread Merchandise: Minerva Editorial

Photographed by Zayyar Win Thein
Modelled by Aitken Hawkins
Film Developed by The Black And White Box


In our office we’ve been cooking up more merchandise as requested. We couldn’t be more excited to share this with you. Take a look through at the full drop below as well as few words on each item.

We are introducing a light restock of the favourite Garamond hoodies and we also have developed a crewneck sweater in the same colours and fit, perfect for all seasons. Our new t-shirt graphic is inspired by Minerva, the goddess of wisdom to interplay the idea of education and knowledge through Newspread. The t-shirt comes in two colours and the print material on the black is quite special. We opted for a metallic silver which features a slight shine, it’s nothing we’ve ever come across before.

Available online on Newspread Store


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