Why We Made A Mug But It's More Than A Mug

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Why We Made A Mug But It's More Than A Mug

— Written by Zayyar Win Thein


Since our hoodies we’ve been on a merchandise hiatus but that’s all changing pretty quickly - we have a few t-shirt designs in the pipeline and we’re sampling more cut and sewn pieces that we know you will love. We also wanted to gauge customer feedback and understand what you guys really want us to produce. From the feedback we received, mugs were the most requested merchandise item and we also thought that it would be nice to have a tangible product from our digital brand that isn’t clothing based. It took us awhile to get to this point to be honest, never ending sampling of ceramics, checking print qualities, what design we were going to use etc. We thought making a mug would be easy but we really wanted to get it right.

So from the back and forth we finally have a finished product that’s now officially ready to purchase (see below). Our e-mail subscribers got first dibs and they always will so if you’re wanting to get exclusive drop links sign up below.


- "Newspread" Garamond logo printed on both sides
- Size: 9.5cm x 8.2cm (325ml)
- Made from ceramic
- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- Perfect for coffee, tea or any choice of beverage while reading Newspread
- Great option as a pen holder
- Designed in New Zealand
- Made in China


I hope this mug goes hand in hand with reading Newspread, tackling your day or getting stuck into work - all things we want to encourage more people to do. Whether that’s design based, school driven or business orientated I hope this is a little reminder to keep going! Education, information and the desire to do are all things we’re passionate about so every time you take a sip, remember that.

The mug is 100% ceramic, holds 325ml of caffeinated goodness and is finished off with our Garamond logo on both sides. You can purchase the mug through any of the buttons or links in this article or here.

Photos: Newspread


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