Cryptic Nike Posters And Billboards Indicate A 1985 Lost Shipment


Cryptic Nike billboards appear across New York City and Los Angeles hinting at a potential Stranger Things collaboration or a Jordan 1985 retro release.

June 12th


The past weekend saw mysterious Nike billboards propped up across New York City and Los Angeles, these ads were titled in Nike’s prime font saying “LOST SHIPMENT” with a hotline phone number of 1 (800) 56-1985 which actually is a date revealing June 6th, 1985. On the bottom of the advert we see instructions indicating not to approach the “shipment” and to contact the authorities.

Upon calling the phone number a recording is played which reveals latitude and longitude coordinates along with a date: 34°02’25.1”N, 118°16’00.8”W and June 12th. The coordinates point to a parking lot near Downtown Los Angeles on the intersection of W Pico Boulevard and S Flower Street, indicating at a potential pop-up event or activation.




Nike has also released CCTV footage of a heist as a Nike shipment truck drives off from a property. The video is also stamped with the date of June 6th, 1985 - rumours and speculations are pointing to a Stranger Things collaboration or maybe a 1985 Jordan colourway coming back as a retro. More details are set to come in the week.

Photos: Nike

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