Fashion Moves Forward Chats Female Streetwear With Danielle Leguillou


Fashion Moves Forward recently caught up with Danielle Leguillou, a part basketball girl/part stylist born and raised in New York. Leguillou breaks down barriers that are preconceived with fashion and has developed a look of her own. She shares her love for men’s clothing and how she thinks women’s style will evolve in the future.


Fashion Moves Forward: Have you always loved fashion?

Danielle: Yes! Even though ball was life for 15 years and I took that so seriously, I’ve always had a big interest in clothes. I’ve always loved sneakers and I’ve always loved putting outfits together.

Fashion Moves Forward: How did your love for documenting outfits come about?

Danielle: When I got hired at Kith, which was my first job ever, I really had the time to put outfits together and actually take pictures of my outfits. I always take mirror pictures at work, but I remember one day on my lunch break I asked someone to take pictures of me outside for a change of scenery and it went on from there.




Fashion Moves Forward: What’s the dream job?

Danielle: I’m definitely still going with the flow of things and I feel like I’m still learning about what I actually want to do. Creative direction is a dream, a head stylist for a brand I really like would be cool, freelance styling, too.

Fashion Moves Forward: You’re kind of the perfect mix between showcasing feminism and being a badass. What’s the reasoning behind all of that?

Danielle: What I say all the time is that I feel like women don’t need to show off their body parts with tight clothing to be beautiful and sexy. I’ll throw on a huge oversized shirt, baggy pants and sneakers and I feel beautiful because I’m comfortable.

Fashion Moves Forward: What’s something you would say to a group of women about fashion?

Danielle: Honestly, to just go for it. Don’t be scared about what other people are going to think. If you think of an outfit just try it on and if you’re’ questioning it, you’re probably overthinking it. You can wear sneakers with a dress and it will look great. Confidence shows and confidence is beautiful.

Fashion Moves Forward: What’s your hope for the future with women and fashion?

Danielle: Just for women to get more into men’s clothing. It’s huge now but I see it getting so much bigger in the future. That’s kind of what I would like to see. Sexy, beautiful women taking over men’s clothing.

Photos: Giselle Keena

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