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In our latest ediiton of Necessities we catch up with Katene Durie-Doherty, co-founder of Auckland based digital agency, Edit Lab.

Interview: Zayyar Win Thein
Platform Studios

Zayyar: Tell us a little bit about yourself Katene, what do you do and where are you based?

No doubt. My name is Katene Durie-Doherty, I'm 24 years old, Born in Gisborne based in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm the co-founder of New Zealand based digital agency, Edit Lab.

Zayyar: Since you’re based in Auckland where are some of your favourite places to hang out there?

Katene: When I get a chance to leave the office I try to venture out to Māori Bay, the best sunset spot in Auckland and it’s only 20 minutes away, that makes for a good reset button. Drinks at Pocket Bar + Kitchen in Grey Lynn. I've just recently discovered Bang Bang China café on the Viaduct and ended up ordering the whole menu. That place is absolute hammers, also, can't be a fan of Chinese food without mentioning the O.G Mr. Zhou's, enough said.


Zayyar: What does your day-to-day at Edit Lab entail?

Katene: It varies depending on what I’m doing that day really. Usually, the morning begins with curating my day on stream time, clearing the inbox and flying in heavy on what I’m doing. Usually, it can go from some sort of photo/video shoot, to business meetings, to managing projects in the pipeline through to post-production.

My average day can be seen as a curated mess so to speak. No day is really the same, I tend to take my work home with me to attack at night or on the weekend in my personal environment.

It’s not about choosing between studying or picking up a skill as a hobby. The drive, the passion & the know-how immersed in the right mix of talent, skills, qualifications and appetite is what counts.
— Katene Durie-Doherty

Zayyar: Where do you look for inspiration in content and who are some of your favourite content creators?

I’m always inspired by the aesthetics of furniture and architecture based on modern, futuristic themes which have clean lines. This is incorporated into our overall brand aesthetic. I try to analyse my surroundings, in fact - any avenue that appeals to my curiosity - from print publications through to aunty Google, inspiration can be found and this plays a heavy influence in my work.

Content creators I am inspired by include; Bobby Hundreds from The Hundreds – I was influenced heavily by this person in my teenage years, Ben Parry who is the Creative Director of RPM, and Valentin Ozich of I Love Ugly. I am fortunate to hail from the land of the long white cloud where talent and creativity are flourishing in all avenues.

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Zayyar: Do you think studying marketing or photography is important? I guess what do you think that balance is between being formally trained and just picking it up as a hobby/being self-taught?

Katene: Absolutely... but it's not about choosing between studying or picking up a skill as a hobby. The drive, the passion & the know-how immersed in the right mix of talent, skills, qualifications and appetite is what counts.




Zayyar: You recently went to Japan for the first time, what did you get up to over there? As well as that what were some of your favourite spots?

Katene: Japan has been on my hit list for a long time. I’m huge on snowboarding and Japan is the holy grail for that. I spent most of my trip snowboarding in a small village located in the Japanese Alps called Hakuba. It's known for its deep powder and insanely gnarly terrain. It's one of the closest ski towns to the Siberian sea which makes for subzero temperatures and some of the best snow on earth. Snowboarding was not the only thing that inspired my travel to Japan. I’ve always been a fan of Japan and Japanese culture. Tokyo is the pinnacle of my interests and taste, so it was only natural for me to end up in Tokyo.

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A few of my favourite spots I got to check out below:
Deus Ex Machina Cafe - Harajuku, Tokyo
Emu Ramen - Hokujo, Hakuba, Kitaazumi District Yakitori Alley, Memory Lane - Shinjuku, Tokyo
Tsugaike/Cortina Ski Fields - Hakuba
Wolfman Barber Shop - Jingumae
WTAPS - Shibuya, Tokyo
Neighbourhood - Harajuku, Tokyo
retaW Store - Harajuku, Tokyo


Zayyar: What are your goals for Edit Lab moving into 2019?

Growing the team and navigating the ship to where we want to be. It’s a really exciting time for us with some incredible projects in the line-up. We are continuing to define our creative and showcasing our content across different sectors.

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In terms of market segments, building our presence within social impact has been of particular interest, although our interests span the broader market spectrum. Our intention is to continue growing our opportunities with brands domestically and internationally.


Zayyar: So we got you to pick out five things you can’t live without - funnily enough three are digital so we were unable to capture these within the photos. Can you give us a brief indicator as to why you chose these five things?

1.  Spotify
f there’s one thing the squadron can all bond over its music, from our commute to the office to the late night hustle, music is one part that keeps our waka afloat, From Marvin Gaye to HIGH HOOPS and everything else. Productivity would be at all time low without this Spotify makes this happen.

2.  Apple iMac / MacBook
Every creative can get amongst this when pen & paper just don't cut it.

3. Whānau (Family)
Whānau is our biggest backbone we can't do what we do without them from our parents to our children to our friends they keep us motivated, in check the vision alive we love each and every one of them and can’t thank them enough for all the support, tautoko, Aroha (love) and time away they let us spend away from them along our journey.

4. A4 Sketch Pad  
This is defiantly my personal necessity, I need to map everything I work on all in-front of me its just the way I operate, this is handy for brain dumps that happen on the regular and just clearing my brains inbox in general. Basic but mandatory in our desk space .

5.  Adobe Creative Suite
One our key foundations to translating or our creative into reality and everyday business this software is something we can not operate without we would not be here without it.

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Interview: Zayyar Win Thein
Platform Studios


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