Earl's Collection Aims To Make High End Streetwear Affordable


Earl’s Collection is a new mens streetwear brand by rugby league star Lewi Brown and Josh Heares.

Earl’s Collection

Written by Zayyar Win Thein.

Earl’s Collection is the brainchild of two close friends from Auckland Josh Heares and Lewi Brown. Their friendship began 6 or 7 years ago but the origin of Earl’s start long before that.

Lewi's middle name is Earl and while growing up he despised the name, it was old fashioned and not cool, so he told people he didn't have a middle name.

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Lewi went from having not much, to all of a sudden being a professional rugby league player in Australia and New Zealand. Becoming a household name in just a matter of years he achieved the highest honours possible - representing New Zealand multiple times. It was at that point Lewi realised he was extremely proud of who he was and where he had come from. After playing professional league for over 10 years he wanted a new challenge, but something he was equally passionate about was streetwear.

One day out of the blue Lewi called Josh to help him on Earl’s and 7 months later their first collection was ready for launch on February 1st 2019. In 2019 alone the two plan to bring out 2 more collections, with Collection Two already in a sample phase.

Lewi and Josh wanted to make a streetwear label that used ultra high end fabrics, but was bold and was something different. Collection One introduces the loud punchy colours complemented by the premium cuts for everyday wear and usage.

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The objective is to make high-end streetwear more accessible. Not everyone can afford Off-White or Heron Preston so we wanted to introduce a new more affordable alternative. The first collection is available now on earlscollection.com.

Photos: Earl’s Collection

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