Necessities: Grace Gemuhluoglu


Wellington-based photographer, Grace Gemuhluoglu shows us what she needs with her while working.

Interview: Zayyar Win Thein
Josiah Watson

Our Necessities series is for creatives and individuals to share what they carry everyday and why.

Zayyar: What do you do and where are you based Grace?

Grace: I am currently a photographer freelancing in the lovely city of Wellington, New Zealand. I mainly work with fashion labels and businesses that are rebranding or changing aesthetic. Although, my husband and I are looking to make the leap across the globe mid-year which is exciting!

Zayyar: That is exciting, where are you hoping to move to?

Somewhere in Europe is likely - we’re currently looking at Amsterdam!


Zayyar: Where are some of your favourite places to hang out in Wellington?

Favourite spots in Wellington are the Ekor Book Shop on College Street, Goods Cafe in Thorndon (they do the most delicious pastries), Ghuznee Street - it has a hub of good coffee, galleries and shops; Precinct 35, Ena, Customs Brew Bar, Milkcrate, Caughley the list goes on!

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But my most favourite part of Wellington is where my husband and I are currently living. It’s a lifestyle block that runs from Brooklyn wind turbine down to the south coast beach. It’s super special as you get a mix of coastal views and city views, it’s hard to leave most of the time.

Find your passion. Don’t let the fears of the what if’s and maybe’s hold you back from your vision or dreams! And keep creating even when you don’t feel like it, failure is just as important as succeeding, we learn so much from doing so.
— Grace Gemuhluoglu

Zayyar: Where do you look for inspiration for your photoshoots?

Starting the year, I wanted to pull back a bit from social media and dive into some good books & magazines, spend time with the people I love and be in the outdoors. I’ve started a classic read by John Berger “The Ways of Seeing”, which talks about the way we see the images around us and how we have been taught to see them.

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Zayyar: Sounds like an interesting read! Following on from this who are some of your favourite photographers?

Grace: I think it’s good to draw inspiration not only from other photographers but with the environment around us, the people we encounter and the stories they carry. The stories are what really drives me, and what can make a photoshoot that much more unique and intriguing. It’s what people carry inside them, and once they reveal that to you it all starts to take shape.

Some of my favourite photographers would be some classics: Viviane Sassen, Helmut Newton, Albert Watson, Irving Penn are just a few I always seem to come back to.




Zayyar: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

At the moment, Turkey. It’s my heritage and at the moment I feel as though it’s calling me back, to spend time with family and mainly just to eat haha.

Zayyar: Turkey seems like an incredible place! For those similar to our age what's the best piece of advice you can give them to start something creative?

Find your passion. Don’t let the fears of the “what if’s” and “maybe’s” hold you back from your vision or dreams! And keep creating even when you don’t feel like it, failure is just as important as succeeding, we learn so much from doing so.


Zayyar: Couldn’t have said that any better. So we got you to pick out five products that are things you can’t live without, could you explain what each one is, where you got them from and what they mean to you personally?

I would have to say my Bible. My faith is so much a part of who I am and I can’t deny how it has shaped me.

2.  Maryse Beauty Treatment Balm
My treatment balm by Maryse Beauty, needed so much in this heat at the moment and always must when out. Dry lips is never a good look haha

3. Apple MacBook
My laptop would have to be a product I can’t live without. It’s so much a part of my daily processing tools.

4. Skin Care Products
My skin care products! I would go crazy without them. I have a full range by Dermaviduals. It has saved my skin and transformed it! My skin has never been great, so finding something that means I can wear next to nothing everyday mean’t so much to me.

5.  Film Camera
Our new film camera we picked up while in Japan - the Pentax 67. Testing out new cameras and working with film is such a beautiful process, it’s re-teaching me how to slow down and think about each step I take to capture the next frame. The portraits you get from this camera is perfection!

Interview: Zayyar Win Thein
Josiah Watson


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