Necessities: Rishi Patel


Christchurch based creative Rishi Patel, shares his necessities with us on his day to day.

Our Necessities series is for creatives and individuals to share what they carry everyday and why.

So Rishi, what do you do and where are you based?

My names Rishi, I’m 24 and based in Christchurch. I do a lot of things, but mainly work as a photographer and in retail e-commerce. I own a clothing label called Adorn, and work at part time Infinite Definite.

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What’s it like in Christchurch? How’s the creative community down there?

Yeah Christchurch is a really exciting place at the moment. After the earthquakes we saw a lot of people start small businesses or work on their art freelance. The creative scene is really humming at the moment. There are a lot of exhibitions and pop up experiences with local artist showcasing their stuff. Collaboration is a big thing here too.


In Christchurch where are some of your favourite places to hang out?

I’m a big coffee drinker so I love hanging out in cafes around the place, some of my favourites are Lemon Tree, The Anchorage & Park Ranger. It’s also a really cool city where you can drive from the hills to the beach in less than half an hour so if I ever need some space to think and dream I head to one of those spots.

What inspires your creativity? Where do you look for inspiration for shoots and working on projects?

I’m actually inspired a lot by my friends and people I get the time to chat to. I think often we look for inspiration overseas or online but I always find inspiration within conversations I have with another person.

I’m a big believer in the power of stories, and whether that’s our own story or the story of someone else, that’s where I find a lot of thoughts that end up as creative projects.

I’m a big believer in the power of stories, and whether that’s our own story or the story of someone else, that’s where I find a lot of thoughts that end up as creative projects.
— Rishi Patel



That’s awesome man, I definitely feel like that as well - the people surrounding us and their stories are so interesting and valuable. Can you name something you’re super passionate about?

I think something I’ve learnt recently is that people are such an important part of life. I’d say I’m passionate about people, getting to know them and be able to be a part of their journey and vice versa. I’ve made a lot of friends through creative avenues that I don’t see that often but have really good relationships with. Meeting new people and just chatting over coffee is one thing I really enjoy.

Cool to hear that man, whenever we talk it’s always a good vibe to hear what you’ve been up to and what’s been happening. So we got you to pick out five products that are things you can’t live without, could you explain what each one is, where you got them from and what they mean to you personally?

1. Film Camera

I was actually searching for this exact camera on TradeMe for a while after seeing someone recommend it on Instagram. But I actually found this in my mum’s wardrobe. I was looking through some old photos and found it nestled behind a photo album. Such a score and the photos it takes are really good. I enjoy shooting film because you don’t get to see the image straight away, there’s an excitement every time I get a roll developed because you don’t really know what it’s gonna look like.

2. Apple AirPods

I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks so these are always on me, whenever I’m walking somewhere or working I’ll be listening to something. They’re really small and easy to connect. Some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to recently are “The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes” and “How I Built This”.

3. Sneakers
I’ve always had a thing for shoes. I remember when I was younger I would always go into a shop and just look at the shoes. At the moment I’m really liking the retro styles coming back into the market at the moment. Some people hate them, but the Yeezy 700 Waverunners were my last purchase.

4. Notebook
I often find myself having random thoughts and ideas that I want to record in the moment. I find I spend a lot of time on my phone so being able to write it down is refreshing and not getting all these notifications while trying to take notes haha.

5. External Hard Drive

This little thing has all my work on it from the past 5 years. I always back everything up but it’s quite encouraging to look back at old work and see how far you’ve come. I dropped my last hard drive and all the work on it got corrupted so I made sure I bought this Lacie drive. It’s really rugged and can apparently take up to 1 tonne of pressure so fingers crossed that’s accurate.

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