Auckland's Fabric Converts Air Force Facility To Bustling Bistro


Recently opened Auckland bistro Fabric, converts an old Air Force repair warehouse into their new prime location.

Fabric Bistro
8 Boundary Rd
Auckland, 0618
New Zealand

In June 2018, Fabric opened their doors as a new café/bistro located in Auckland’s suburb of Hobsonville. The space itself is wildly unique as they have taken over a former aircraft repair facility belonging to the Royal New Zealand Air Force. While Hobsonville itself is out of the way you can take a ferry directly from Auckland’s CBD to the pier near Fabric.

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The design team from Walker Mitchell project managed the interior design opting for tones that were soft, muted and warming to ease into the industrial warehouse, they also have implemented a system to divide the space into areas using frosted glass panels as their separator that creates a sense of privacy within the large bistro. Materials such as natural wood are used for the tables and seating creating an earthy presence while dangling pendant lights up above fill the high ceiling space.

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While still keeping the bones of the repair facility, Walker Mitchell have managed to blend the old with new as the bistro aims to offer a high class modern dining experience. From the bistro you will receive stunning views of Catalina Bay often with sailboats docked and anchored within it.

Photos by Jono Parker and Josh Griggs

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