Good As Gold Have A Conversation With Brent Paye From 27Mollys


Brent Paye, the founder of Wellington-based jewellery label '27Mollys' sat down with his good friend Fergus Haywood from Good As Gold to talk all things about the most recent collection 'Love and Basketball'. Good As Gold is the exclusive stockist of 27Mollys in New Zealand, items from the brand and be bought directly from 27Mollys.

Fergus Haywood 
Brent Paye

Lets get the boring stuff out of the way first – What is 27Mollys? 
27Mollys is a jewellery brand from Wellington, established in 2016 by me and my friends. 

And what makes 27Mollys tick?
Whole lotta fly shit, whole lotta gang shit, couple admin things and trying to develop new techniques.

What got you in to jewellery?
Pretty much hip-hop music, then figuring out of who made the jewellery for rappers. Ben BallerPaul Wall, TV Johnny etc. Then following their stories and work. 

Do you prefer the handmade jewellery over things looking overly processed or is it necessity?
I like both, I do think its important to develop your craft. But 3D software is a big part of how some jewellers work and its cool to see how far people are push things digitally these days. So yeah, I like both. 

So your new collection, ‘Love and Basketball’ has an obvious inspiration in the title, what else was your inspiration for the collection?
Whole lotta fly shit, the movie ‘ Love and Basketball’ is where the title came from it’s real cute. Heaps of 90’s shit. Lil Wayne Bling Bling.

Wayne invented the word ‘Bling’ right?
Yeah I think so? Another inspiration is summertime playing basketball with the bro's. 

Awesome! Do you have a favourite piece in the collection? 
Yeah I think my favourite piece is the 'Court Ring', it’s not too much but you get the vibe. 

You recently went Back to South Africa where you shot a lookbook for the new Collection with Jabu Nadia Newman. Talk through us through that.
Woke up, put on my best fit. Went round to Jabu's crib with my cousin, s/o Nate love you cuz . Everyone was kinda dusty but the weathers good so I was happy. We drove around Woodstock, Capetown talking photos pretty much. I styled the model Christina with my clothes and some clothes I racked for my Nanas crib. We didn't really have much of a plan so everything was kinda off the cuff but worked out in the end.

Because the collection is so heavily inspired by basketball, Do you have a favourite team?
Na I don’t. I just follow the players. In the 90’s it was the Chicago Bulls because of Michael Jordan but I was a kid and didn’t know shit. But now I fuck with Kyrie, LeBron James and bunch more.

Is there anyone you are going for in the Playoffs?
Golden State, just cos they’re a good ass team. No ego’s just good ball play.

That’s what it’s all about. So your first collection is heavily inspired by Hip-Hop and every piece is named after a Young Thug song. Do you have a top 5 of Young Thug songs? 
Killed Before – Thats a good smoke one
Ew Ew Ew – A throwback
Daddy's Birthday – I named a piece after that song
2 Cups Stuffed – That’s an old one
Kanye West – That ones a hitter

You asked me to ask you this: What are you listening to at the moment?
YNW Melly - Slang That Iron, The Lil Baby Album and Charlie XX.

Finally, what’s next for 27Mollys?
More collections, more interesting things, more jewellery, international stockists, Mr 305.

Any shoutouts? 
Shout out to Saucington Ballers.

- Written by Fergus Haywood of Good As Gold