This Beach House Is A Dream By Pattersons Architects


Tucked away in New Zealand’s Foxton Beach is a beautiful beach house designed by Pattersons Architects. Its architecture builds from a typology of first floor living commonly found lining New Zealand coastal communities. Opting for materials such as precast concrete, aluminium and oak, the house stands out while remaining minimal and modern.

The home located within the rivers flood plain risk and areas at ground level are designed to be sacrificial. Atop there is an arrangement of interconnected modules as a way to create contrasting flowing spaces, this includes a living room sunken into the middle of the house which aims up to a cantilevered glass viewing room that sits above the street. The viewing room is split into different levels that create privacy and focusses your attention to the river and distant mountain ranges. At the top of the house lives the bedrooms, dining area and kitchen which open to a raised rear lawn.

Photos: Pattersons