8 Side Bags You Can Buy Right Now

Photo: Pause Magazine

Photo: Pause Magazine

We all know the side bag trend is still alive and well, what was originally stemmed from the streets of Europe in the 90's as well as Dad's wearing sandals and a tucked in polo shirt on holiday has now been a global trend in the past year. From the likes of street brands such as Supreme, Head Porter, Adidas Originals to luxury houses doing their own versions, there are now more options out there in the market for your side bag style.

Seen on the likes of every Instagrammer and influencer; the side bag, fanny pack, cross body bag or whatever you want to call it holds a strong functional value adding to its appeal. The ability to stuff your essentials in there such as your wallet, keys, phone and other necessary goods while having them in arms reach at all times ultimately serves a different purpose than a backpack or satchel.

We've taken the time to pick out eight of our favourites right now no matter your budget:

Prada Nylon Waistbag - $1,150 NZD
Available from Trés Bien.

Maharishi Waist Bag - $300 NZD
Available from Good As Gold.

Premium Clo. Mini Stash Shoulder Bag - $45 NZD
Available from Premium Clo.

Prix Workshop Logo Utility Bag - $115 NZD
Available from Prix Workshop.

Nike Hip Pack - $60 NZD
Available from Voo Store.

Head Porter Waist Bag - $450 NZD
Available from End Clothing.

I Love Ugly Wallace Messenger Bag - $90 NZD
Available from I Love Ugly.

A-Cold-Wall* Canvas Bag - $500 NZD
Available from SSENSE.