Glimpse 03 Highlights Platform Store Founder Molawin Evangelista


Glimpse is an online publication run by Auckland native, Vivian Heng that highlights local creatives and individuals in their respective fields. In this third issue Vivian interviews Molawin Evangelista, one of Auckland's most exciting creatives who is a freelance photographer working with clients such as Checks Downtown, Commoners, Thing Thing and New Balance. Molawin is also one half of Platform Store, a conceptual retail project run with business partner Cyrus Chow that is re-opening later this month at Holm Coffee on K Road.

Through the interview Molawin talks heavily about his process on photoshoots and how he began his photography career as well as highlighting his work-creative-life balance. Being a registered mental health nurse, Molawin helps people with their troubles through the day while teaching himself graphic design in the evenings, managing Platform Store and his photography work. Mentioning his passion and motivation to keep going and how Auckland can become more communal it's noted that the latest iteration of Platform Store wants to contribute to culture and the local community.

You can view above or read the full interview here. Platform Store opens on May 18th at Auckland's Holm Coffee, 295 Karangahape Road.