Goldlink's Aim To Be A Higher Power


D’Anthony Carlos, better known as Goldlink, has been a riser in the rap game for a few years now. It is fair to say the twenty-four year old from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia Area) is booming in his work, having earned a platinum and grammy nomination on his single ‘Crew’. Carlos was raised by the streets having grown up with his mother, a secretary at a law firm and an absent father, a subject often noted in his somewhat crude, but very buttery flows. His project 'The God Complex’ blew him out of the water in 2014 and earned him critical acclaim, followed by a well received followup album, 'And After That We Didn’t Talk'.

With the release of his new record 'At What Cost' in March this year, it is fitting that Goldlink sent it off with his biggest tour yet. New Zealand is no new territory for the singer-rapper, having headlined at gigs such as Laneway in 2016. March 21st saw a stopover of the 'At What Cost' tour in Auckland. Armed with a white tee and a tactical utility vest, Goldlink brought a slice of his East Coast charm and graced Studio, the venue on the iconic Karangahape Road.

Goldlink’s presence commanded the crowd, moving back and forth between his hard urban origins to a lighter groove, a key identifier in a style of music he describes as ‘future bounce’. An artist with unmistakable character and zestful performance, Goldlink took his unique hip hop-electronic fusion and shook Auckland to pieces. Those who stayed for the afterparty received back-to-back mini performance and were the some of the first in the world to hear an unnamed, unreleased track.

Goldlink is a name in hip hop to listen out for. He say has always aspired to be akin to a higher power, and be as ‘god-like’ as he can- perhaps this god complex of his is not so outlandish after all. Check out his single 'Crew' featuring Brent Faiyaz below.

Written and Photographed by Dalong Ye-Lee.