Fearon Hay's Latest Home Features A Backdrop To Die For


Auckland based architecture firm Fearon Hay have just published a new project to their resume titled the "Alpine Terrace House", located in New Zealand's Southern Alps. Overlooking the Wakatipu Basin on a sloped terrace the house is a cluster of simple black buildings based around a courtyard. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains the inside uses materials such as timber, steel, metal and stone all refined to dark colour schemes to form a homogeneous silhouette.

Completed in early 2018 the overall floor area covers around 370m2 and uses four adjoining buildings to accommodate all elements of the house. It features multiple guest rooms, an open kitchen, a dining space with two sitting areas, a library for all your reading needs and a mudroom to wind down in. The house is low profiled aimed to make the landscape speak for itself with the interior and exterior also being heavily considered to fit within the land.

Photos: Simon Wilson