Retail Brutalism By Studio Goss


Kloke is a Melbourne based clothing brand with an aesthetic influenced by sculptural elements of the natural world. For the opening of their second store they partnered with Studio Goss to create a space that would mirror the feeling of their clothes. 

Located in one of the citie's busiest precincts, Queen Victoria Village - the interior of the store has been lined with coarse concrete and bold block forms which embody the appearance of brutalist architecture.

"The aim was to convey a sense of mass, as if the space had been carved out as a single, sculptural object," - David Goss, Studio Founder

The use of continuous concrete throughout the space create a sense of calm curiosity - encouraging enquiry into the different elements of the store. Highlighted by the asymmetric cubic volume that flows from the ceiling to form a faux skylight. Other key elements include the smooth concrete display stands, curved front counter and panelled Australian mahogany that border the shop's front glazed wall and storage drawers.

Photos : Arory Gardiner