Advisory Board Crystals Showcase Capsule For Patron Of The New


Advisory Board Crystals just announced their second capsule collection for New York City's very own Patron of the New entitled “A Study In Camouflage 2.” Last Fall, ABC collaborated with the upscale boutique on a full range of hoodies, nylon camo trousers, t-shirts, and even crystal infused socks. Since then, ABC has done collaborations with Barney's, Hypebeast, and even Collette before it closed this past December. Fast forward to today, ABC just released the full lookbook of their upcoming capsule collection modelled by artist Jonas Wood. The new collection features a mix of animal fabrics, bright colours, unique zippers, an array of unique graphic t-shirts, and even a collaboration with New Era on a hat that was teased earlier this week by hip-hop artist A Boogie. The collection's theme encompasses the idea of camouflage in nature and the idea of tonal colours being camouflage in today's modern society.

 "A Study in Camouflage 2," will consist of 40 different styles of hoodies, t-shirts- trousers, jackets, and other accessories. The collection will be launching exclusively at Patron of the New Monday, April 28th, and will be available in-store and online shortly after the launch event Monday night.

- Written by Jackson Ray of Fashion Moves Forward.

Photos: Supplied