032c Issue #35 Celebrates James Baldwin, Gucci Mane, Kiko Mizuhara & More


The latest issue of 032c titled 'A Museum for James Baldwin’ is available now.

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032c arguably is the most culturally relevant and engaging magazine for the youth in circulation today. Founded in 2001 Berlin based contemporary publication challenges readers within the topics of fashion, architecture, literature, design and art bringing new ideas and content to the printed world.

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The magazine's latest issue titled 'A Museum for James Baldwin’ features three covers of hip hop artist and rapper - Gucci Mane photographed by Petra Collins, Japanese model, actor, singer, designer Kiko Mizuhara - and an original editorial by 032c in Live Action Role Play.

”“In 032c Issue #35, we publish a 25-page dossier that celebrates the material world of American writer James Baldwin, an exile and a prophet whose commitment to love, justice, and fearlessness serves as a guide to our discordant present. Cover star Kiko Mizuhara embraces transhumanist pleasures on the streets of Tokyo. Petra Collins photographs newly canonized rap pope Gucci Mane at an altar of art and flowers in Miami. New work by artist Seth Price zooms in on consumer culture, merchandise, and textile production.” - 032c

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Issue #35 of 032c is now available on our webstore while stock lasts.

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