Who Knows Know Wave? An Insight Into The Cult New York City Label


Cult label Know Wave from New York City is now available in New Zealand.

Area 51

In 2012 an internet pirate radio station was founded called Know Wave. Stemmed from a way of giving Moran Moran Gallery (previously known as OHWOW Gallery) a voice that was not present at the time in the art world, Know Wave provided a platform for the local artists in New York City to connect with a wider audience. Over time the community grew in the streets of Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and beyond as a resource and tool within the creative scenes.

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The hook of Know Wave radio can be attributed to their unscripted shows and putting on artists that were well under the radar, for example Skepta and the overall Grime scene were on Know Wave well before the global hype. Shows such No Instagram and Chillin Island bring a wider discussion into culture and the areas we’re all interested in without being too serious and keeping the conversation free-flowing. Know Wave is now an international community of creatives who are interested in music, fashion, design and art and they have expanded into areas such as print publications, interviews, media and more.

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Alongside the community standpoint is their merchandise which often features their logo and is worn by many influential figures in various walks of creativity. Items from Know Wave are now available from Area 51 Store in New Zealand as well as internationally from Supply Store, End Clothing and Roden Gray.

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