Necessities: Rose Chang


YouTuber, Instagrammer and streetwear aficionado, Rose Chang shares her necessities with us.

Our Necessities series is for creatives and individuals to share what they carry everyday and why.

For our readers tell us a little bit about yourself Rose, what do you do and where are you based?

I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand. I have recently quit my last job to pursue my other passions. I’m a girl who loves sneakers, dogs, gymming and hotpot! I have a YouTube channel that I’ve recently just started which I love, it’s so much fun editing and reading all the feedback people give me! Most of all I love sharing ideas, things that I’ve bought and experiences with people.

Since you’re into sneakers and streetwear how did this obsession start? Were they big in your upbringing at all?

My streetwear obsession actually started not long ago, it was when I was in my university years when I discovered the type of music I like! Then from there it just started with following the styles of the artists that I like, so it wasn’t that big in my upbringing at all (especially when none of my friends were into it at all back then).

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Did you have any style icons growing up?

I didn’t really have a style icon since I was never really that into streetwear/ sneakers until about 6 years ago! But ever since I got more into streetwear Emily Oberg has been my style icon! I love everything about her, she’s so honest, genuine and doesn’t care about what other people think about her, she really shows that you don’t have to be branded head to toe in expensive clothing which most of us can’t afford! I love that she can just throw anything on simple with some nice kicks - which is what I’m more into, I wouldn’t say that I’m really into streetwear but I’m definitely into simple clothing and sneakers.

Where do you shop to pick up most of your sneakers?

I mostly get my sneakers from Naked, it’s an amazing website that supplies girls with sneakers, if they aren’t doing a certain release I would try either Foot Locker or Nike (most of my sneakers are Jordans). The only thing I don’t like about Naked is the shipping cost… haha but it definitely depends on which pair of kicks I’m going for.

What are some of your favourite pairs of sneakers, even those you don’t own?

My favourite pair of sneakers right now would be the Union Los Angeles x Jordan One release! They’re super dope, I love the design on those and the stitching that shows on the outside. I enjoy classic design, whether its bags, shoes or clothing. They were really going for that touch of old school in these pair of shoes, this is also why the Air Jordan One is one of my favourite pair of Jordans - I feel like it’s almost everyone’s favourite!

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I’m definitely a huge fan of the Air Jordan One too, it’s one of the sneakers that really is an icon! Do you think there is a growing community of females who are sneakerheads or into streetwear in New Zealand?

I would say so, I feel like nowadays I’m meeting more and more females in New Zealand who are into sneakers which is something really exciting to me! Although I wouldn’t call myself a sneakerhead at all haha, I’m just a girl who likes sneakers.

But I definitely think there are heaps of girls out there in New Zealand that love their sneakers and have a dope as collection, I feel like Instagram is the place that could connect us all - so I hope more pop-up on my explore page!

I would love if there was an event in New Zealand for just girls who have a passion for collecting sneakers or are into streetwear.

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For sure, it’s great to hear the community is growing and there should be an event! Hopefully in the future someone will throw something.

What made you venture into YouTube and making videos? How did your passion for this come about?

I’ve actually always wanted to do my own YouTube channel for a really long time! I used to be afraid of what people would say about me, all the hateful comments, but to be honest it has always been a passion of mine and I’m so glad that I did venture into YouTube because I’m having so much fun editing videos.

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It started when I got really into Instagram a while back and I grew the courage to get into it because I really didn’t care what people had to say anymore! People who love me have shown so much support and I’d like to encourage those who really want to get into YouTube but are just scared to start. Don’t ever be scared of what people will think of you! Live for yourself!

So we got you to pick out five products that are things you can’t live without, could you explain what each one is, where you got them from and what they mean to you personally?

1. Of course my Dior lip glow! It’s something I use EVERYDAY - makeup or no makeup, if you haven’t tried this you probably should it’s life changing or should I say… lip changing? Every time I go overseas I would stock up or get someone I know to bring some back for me so I’d never run out and get it duty free.

2.  Vintage Dior watch - My mum gave me for my graduation! I love it, I wear it all the time - it makes me feel closer to home and my mum and I are close.

3. My drink bottle - this is honestly something I can’t live without! I go everywhere with my drink bottle, it’s so important to stay hydrated throughout the day! I also track how much water I drink everyday so I like having my drink bottle with me all the time - if you have trouble consuming water, you should definitely try just having a drink bottle with you, before you know it, you’ll be sipping on water all the time!

4. John Lennon Style Ray Ban Sunglasses. These are my all time favourite, it’s so classic. It suits all my outfits! Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses and they are also polarised.

5. I love my Air Jordan One Bred Toe’s, they’re so comfortable and they go with all my clothes! I feel like I can always rock these with a pair of tights and a singlet and it would look really dope, a statement piece.

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