retaW Is The Fragrance Brand You Need To Know


Started by Hiroshi Fujiwara of fragment design, retaW is now available in New Zealand.


A name highly regarded in culture and design is Hiroshi Fujiwara, to some he is the godfather of streetwear and the curator who paved the way for many brands and artists. From starting fragment design, a multidisciplinary creative venture which has gone on to work and collaborate with Nike, Carhartt WIP, Jordan Brand and more. Fujiwara worked closely with friends such as Nigo of A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and Jun Takahashi of Undercover setting the stage for modern Japanese fashion and street culture.

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In 2009 Fujiwara founded his Tokyo based label retaW, dedicated to creating unique fragrance blends that embody a lifestyle wrapped in scent. Each fragrance is developed with the utmost care and sophistication to soothe your body and soul by creating a relaxing and natural atmosphere. retaW body treatment products are formulated with the knowledge of the latest developments in skincare medicine to bring out the natural vitality of your skin, while carefully blended fragrances are designed to heal your mind and fill each moment with life coloured in scent.

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One of the highlights of retaW is their physical retail presence where design and function harmoniously live, in particular their Tokyo flagship store is one to bookmark. The space itself is bright with white tiles and walls allowing for an easy shopping experience with products from hand soap, candels, room sprays and more found sitting in stainless steel display fridges.

retaW can now be found at Auckland retailer Fabric exclusively in New Zealand as well as a range of online stores such as End Clothing, Goodhood and Supply Store.

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