Our Top 5 Favourite Fashion Podcasts We're Listening To Right Now

Our Top 5 Favourite Fashion Podcasts We're Listening To Right Now_Header.jpg

Our top five must listen to podcasts about fashion, streetwear, watches and the business behind fashion.

Written by Zayyar Win Thein.

Podcasts are now a tool of today, being able to pop one on for an hour or so can make the day go much faster at your desk and can invigorate your learning. They can spark your next great idea, gain context of an issue and also give you knowledge about topics you’re interested in. It can often be hard thinking on where to begin and what podcasts will I actually relate to, some can be quite commercial or alternatively feature people you might not gel with.

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We’ve capped some of our favourite podcasts available right now within the areas of fashion and more importantly the people behind it, with also a few of our favourite episodes from them get listening below:

Photo: Hodinkee

Photo: Hodinkee



An extension of the ever so popular timepiece blog, HODINKEE Radio reaches new depth around interviewing certain established individuals ranging from Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, through to golf champion Adam Scott. The context of the podcast allows for casual conversations to take place referencing the interviewee’s life and career, watches that they collect and their purpose and other opinions within their field of work and further. It’s an easy listening experience and is a bonus if you’re into watches.

An episode in particular that stands out is Ben Clymer’s interview, the founder and CEO of HODINKEE. Speaking very candidly, Ben delves into the early days of HODINKEE and how he turned the company to what it is today, from staff members, content ideas, press tours and a crazy story featuring Jay-Z this particular episode was a great starter to the series.

Another episode most magazine and design connoisseurs will appreciate features Scott Dadich, the man who transformed Wired Magazine and has contributed heavily to the creative industry. Now working on his own design firm Godfrey Dadich Partners, Scott goes into detail of his tenure at Wired and what his firm offers in terms of creativity and culture.


  • Candid conversations

  • Watch enthusiasts

  • Business/career orientated

  • Seasoned professionals from all walks of life



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Photo: Bonobos

Photo: Bonobos


2. Failing Upwards

Failing Upwards is the brainchild of James Harris and Lawrence Schlossman, both previously hosts on Complex’s popular Fashion Bros and together they have been heavily involved within the menswear circuit. Recently Lawrence was appointed as the Marketing Director of Grailed, the menswear marketplace mecca to which he has a had a large influence in the content and publishing aspects of the brand.

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Their podcast revolves around storytelling in a light hearted unfiltered manner, expect a lot of laughs as they tip toe around getting Instagram homies, menswear gods, and general cool people in for talks around certain issues and topics. With constant memes and humour on their Instagram page regarding “securing the bag”, “getting that bread”, and the drink of choice “Aperol Spritz” you’ll soon quickly realise that this is the podcast of millennials for millennials.

Most recently legendary actor Jonah Hill was on the podcast which was a major milestone for Lawrence and James, both who have an obsession with the actor and were stalking him for two years before landing him as a guest. Check out two great episodes below and you’ll see what all the hype is about.


  • Humour and memes

  • Not too serious

  • Talks on culture

  • Features up comers and young people within the fashion industry


Photo: Monocle

Photo: Monocle


3. Monocle: The Entrepreneurs

The global media enterprise that is Monocle has been running Monocle Radio since 2011 now and one show that always is a must listen to is The Entrepreneurs. Spark your next side hustle or market capital venture by being inspired from the leaders of the future whether its in tech, food, finance or of course fashion.

With in-depth interviews, small business minded chats and quick tidbits on things to consider when starting your own venture, the podcast allows for a fine balance between the craft and the business. Its true speciality to set it apart from others is that the tone is formal and engaging where you learn more regarding the strategy on how someone built this vs. what they’ve built.

One episode worth the listen is with Away co-founder Jen Rubio. Away is a direct-to-consumer luggage company that’s taking the world by storm with four retail stores across the USA, one opening in London shortly, plus a move to a new HQ in New York’s SoHo. Jen talks in-depth about how she and her business partner set their brand apart from others in the industry and where modern travel brands are excited about for the future.

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Another episode is with Tim Brown, co-founder of the New Zealand footwear brand, Allbirds. Tim was a professional footballer in New Zealand before deciding to create environmentally friendly footwear. Allbirds is a fast growing shoe brand with sustainability at its heart and earlier this year the company sold its one millionth pair.


  • Formal and structured

  • Strong business conversations

  • Behind the scenes of a business

  • Established and upcoming brands globally


Photo: Blamo!

Photo: Blamo!


4. Blamo!

Blamo! is hosted by Jeremy Kirkland who previously had a long standing tenure at The Armoury, a beautiful store for suiting and office attire located in New York City and Hong Kong. This is the podcast many menswear and fashion business enthusiasts were waiting for as Jeremy’s amazing conversational skills are flexed with guests such as Australian tailor Patrick Johnson, Highsnobiety’s Jian Delon and Union LA’s Chris Gibbs.

It’s not about clothes, it’s about the people behind them - who they are, where they come from, what motivates them and where they seek inspiration from. Blamo! is strong with substance and story as you learn about the people as it humanises situations such as mistakes and triumphs into one. Jeremy opens up the floor to follow the person’s journey and to share their path, forget about the hype, the labels, the sneaker deals and more this podcast sparks pure storytelling in its finest form.

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An episode that you should definitely listen to features Jeremy Langmead, MR PORTER’s Brand and Content Director as well as one of the original founders of the e-commerce giant. Blamo! delves deep into his career in fashion, the origins of MR PORTER, and how using beautiful editorial and storytelling has changed the scope of e-commerce retail.

The other must listen to episode is Eugene Tong’s who is a consultant and stylist. Originally from Taiwan, Eugene’s resume reads like a greatest hits in the menswear and fashion world. A former editor at the now-defunct Cargo and DETAILS magazine, Eugene has dressed celebrities like Aziz Ansari and styled runway shows for KITH, John Elliott, and more all while becoming the King of Off-Duty Style.


  • Candid conversations

  • Business/career orientated

  • Great storytelling

  • High profile guests



Our Honorable Mentions:

Highsnobiety Dropcast

The Dropcast is a weekly wrap-up of Highsnobiety’s most notable headlines and new releases. Hosted by three of Highsnobiety’s staff they look at what’s currently trending in the world of cultural news and dissect it to what it all means.

No Vacancy Inn

No Vacancy Inn is hosted by Tremaine “Denim Tears” Emory and Acyde, the pair get into deep interviews with influential people within the industries of fashion and music. The pair have interviewed Anti-Social Social Club’s Neek Lurk, Luka Sabbat and Dev Hynes of Blood Orange.


MAEKAN is about the people, process, and products that influence and shape our dynamic world whether its in fashion, art, music or design. They keep it raw and original with open ended conversations about various creative topics and guests.






HYPEBEAST Radio was created as a platform for creatives to discuss their journey towards success, lessons learned along the way, and thoughts on the state of culture in realtime. With already a plethora of interesting guests from the seasoned veterans to young business owners you can really gain a ton of context on how the world of business and creativity is today.

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An episode worth checking out is with Heron Preston where he talks about his journey from working at Nike to now running his own global streetwear brand. Preston met many of his future colleagues and collaborators Virgil Abloh, Justin “JJJJound” Saunders, and Cyber69 while trolling internet forums and blogs and how those relationships birthed the DJ group, Been Trill. Also touched upon is how Heron recommends aspiring young artists go about paving their own way in the age of the Internet.

Another sub series within HYPEBEAST Radio is The Business of HYPE, hosted by Jeff Staple. It’s a series about creatives, brand-builders and entrepreneurs and the realities behind the dreams they’ve built under the lens of business. A great episode from the sub series is with StockX founder Josh Luber, as he tells his story of entrepreneurship and the hard work and sacrifice to get to where he is today.


  • Candid conversations

  • Business/career orientated

  • A mixture of young and old guests

  • Relevant brands and industry insiders


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