About Us


Newspread is an independent online media platform covering topics and issues within culture, fashion, design and more. Based in New Zealand our content focuses on local markets to showcase current events here and what was going on within our communities, while also bringing international news to inform and educate.

In 2018 we have expanded our business offering to product, events, content, online e-commerce and consulting. Newspread is a way of thinking, it’s about sharing and informing culture, stories and concepts that will aid our communities and the people within it.

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The Newspread: Network


Newspread: Necessities

Our Necessities series is for creatives and individuals to share what they carry everyday and why. We leave our readers with insight into this individual as well as the tools and items they need.

Newspread: Ideas

Newspread: Ideas is a platform of discussion where we aim to connect some of the most creative, innovative and inspiring individuals or brands with our audience.



Newspread: Mixtures

Newspread: Mixtures is a series where we collaborate with a DJ on providing a mix of recent music and vibes to listen to.

In collaboration with New Territory Studio who provide design direction and 3D visuals.

Online Store

Our own e-commerce platform stocking publications, goods and Newspread’s own in house merchandise.

We work alongside brands such as 032c, HYPEBEAST, Rizzoli, Gestalten and more.




Our own merchandise line where we release items such as clothing or physical goods for our readers and audience.

Often made in limited quantities and sold while stock lasts.