How To Build A Co-Working Space: Sophie Evans & Doug Johns From CHAIRS™

CHAIRS™ is Coffee Supreme’s new shared workspace in Auckland as a medium for creatives and small business owners to come together under one roof.

We sit down with Sophie and Doug to talk about the idea, what lead the coffee company to create a shared co-working space and what success looks like to them through this project.


032c 'Working Out Loud' Issue #36

HYPEBEAST Magazine 'Rhythms' Issue #26

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Financial Business: Andy Williamson of Active Accounts

Andy is the Founder of Active Accounts, an accounting and business advisory practice based in the UK who also produce one of the best creative business podcasts today 📓

We chat with Andy about financial basics for businesses and what it all means, what are some key fundamentals for business and the progression of the podcast thus far.


Newspread Merchandise: Minerva Editorial

In our office we’ve been cooking up more merchandise as requested. We couldn’t be more excited to share this with you.

Take a look through our latest editorial highlighting the new pieces dropping.


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An Insight Into The Art Of Recycling & Value Based Consumption

Some brands and items retain more value than others, so how can you as a consumer take advantage of that? The idea that buying something today could be worth more or the same in the future is a useful notion to take into making a purchasing decision 📈

In this story, Leland Sutton explains to us how buying consumer goods with post-purchase value could be better for you, how to apply a recycling process when purchasing and how that could benefit you and your life long term.


Experiences: The Guide To Streetwear & Designer Shopping In Tokyo

Known as one of the fashion capitals, Tokyo has much to offer in terms of retail and shopping. There has been a deep history of streetwear in Japan from brands such as A Bathing Ape, Supreme, Undercover and more who have deeply enriched the fashion scene in Tokyo.

We breakdown a few of the must-visit retail stores and locations in Tokyo on your next visit there 🇯🇵


Submissions & Contributing

We are always on the lookout for contributing writers, photographers, brands and more to submit work, present an idea or potentially collaborate on projects.

We are keen to hear new ideas and work towards a common goal. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in working with us on something.


The History Of Air Jordan: From The Courts To The Streets

The definitive guide into Air Jordan and how it morphed sneaker culture from a performance basis. We also touch on the cultural impact of the brand throughout time.

Also we slide in a recap of the most iconic Jordan shapes and colours of all time.